Our pastors are available to meet with individuals from the community who need limited financial assistance every Tuesday from 10:00AM – 12:00PM.

We believe that “every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” (James 1:17). As a church we recognize that God often chooses to provide for others through us. It is our privilege to help those who need limited financial assistance.


While we cannot erase every problem by providing financial assistance, we want to do what we reasonably can. We understand that a person finds themselves in need of financial assistance due to some crisis. These crises are usually a result of some outside tragedy inflicted on the family or personal neglect or sin. Our pastors meet with individuals to discuss the crisis that brought about the need for financial assistance . A homework assignment is then given which encourages church involvement and reflection on the gospel message.


We also provide biblical counseling to individuals or families that tie directly into financial matters. We have counseling courses on how to create a household budget that aligns with biblical principles of stewardship. We also have a course on workplace communication and job searching principles. There are even courses that address how to respond when tragedies hit. Please visit our counseling page for more information on how to begin counseling.


We eagerly seek to partner with local churches to help those in financial need. If the need is beyond what we can reasonably do, we encourage other sister churches to partner with us in meeting the need.


If you are a church or community organization in the Corbin area and would like to know more about our financial assistance program. Please email our Children & Families’ Pastor, Josh Pollitt.